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Surtrek Tour Operator - Degrees of Difficulty

Different levels of the tours in terms of their physical stress

Level A:
Your priority in choosing your tour is getting to know the people and the country. You enjoy travelling on roads and paths that are in good condition and you are not fond of hiking in difficult heights. The time you have to prepare physically for your trip is very limited. Your sport activities are also very limited and you usually do not hike much or at all. Your focus is to relax while you are on a tour.

Level B:
You prefer travelling on roads and paths that are in good condition but you do not have a problem dealing with a few obstacles while travelling on a tour that is based on nature and cultural things. Furthermore, you do not have any problems with an eight hour day trip where you might hike 1.000 m. You do not mind longer trips on roads without proper pavement and travelling on roads that can be in bad condition. You furthermore have time to prepare for your trip and its demands.

Level C:
You do not mind hiking difficult routes which do not have proper pavement. You had enough time at home to prepare well for the physical challenge that you will face on such a tour. You are physically and mentally in the right condition to deal with different terrains and heights up to 1.000 m when we take you on an eight hour day trip. This includes very steep ways up as well as down and you are not afraid of heights.

Level D:
Challenging tours on routes with no pavement situated in more than 5.000 m height are exiting for you and you enjoy hiking on steep ways up and down-in fact all this is thrilling to you! You have enough time to prepare physically and psychically for the extreme situations (weather, health, unforeseen difficulties etc.), which might occur during the tour. Furthermore, you are athletic and might have some experience with this kind of tour.

Level E:
Your physical and psychological condition is very good, you practice regularly sport and have already sufficiently experience with every fastidious mountain migration, which can include over 1.500 elevator meters as daily performance. Besides, you are used to work in a team and it provides you fun to achieve the respective daily objective together with the other participants. Since you will possibly move in alpine high mountains, you are familiar also with the use of the equipment necessary for it such as pickle, rope, ice screw as well as to the rise at the fixed rope already accustomed, in order to master these routes in the frontier.

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