Ecuador Andes Landscape Ecuador Andes Landscape Ecuador Andes Landscape

Ecuadorian Andes: The Meaning of Awe

For the adventurous, there's no shortage of challenges in the Ecuadorian Andes. Trekking, horseback riding, mountain climbing, river rafting, bird watching and countless other activities await.
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Quito Day Tours

"Quito Day Tours" offer plenty of options – from day trips around the capital city to the Otavalo Indigenous Market, Papallacta Hot Springs, Mindo cloud forest, Cotopaxi Volcano, a helicopter tour, a "Wine and Roses" tour, a "Foodie" culinary tour, horseback riding programs, and tours that focus on mountain biking, hot air ballooning, birdwatching and more!

Andean Tours

During the Spanish colonial epoch, the Ecuadorian Andes were divided into large estates, each with their own “hacienda” (country estate or ranch). A number of these still exiting haciendas continue in that rich architectural tradition with their structures having been renovated into boutique hotels in amazing settings.

Andes Hotels

The Ecuadorian Andes — that stretch of mountain range filled with vibrant indigenous markets, colonial cities, misty cloud forests, and towering summits (as well serving as a jumping-off point for your Galapagos cruise) — offers an awe-inspiring array of natural and cultural wonders.

Surtrek can recommend a good selection of fine quality Quito hotels for you, from luxury boutique hotels to international chains – all at the very best prices! Our "Quito Hotels" site offers you not only the best accommodations in town, but also the best packages and prices.

We have selected only the best hotels in Cuenca, one of the most beautiful cities of Ecuador.

A special selection of the best Hotels around Mindo Cloud Forest, one of the most diverse regions in Ecuador and also in the whole world.

Arasha Rainforest Resort & Spa


Arasha Rainforest Resort & Spa
  • The most biodiverse spot on the globe
  • Great SPA
Mashpi Lodge

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Mashpi Lodge

Ecuador's haciendas in the highlands of Ecuador are a good starting point for excursions in the surrounding and listen to the old histories while sitting in front of the fireplace.

Cuello de Luna Hotel


Cuello de Luna

Cotopaxi Volcano

Ecuador SPA Resort Termas de Papallacta


Termas de Papallacta
  • Hot pools ranges from 36º to 40ºC/97º to 104ºF
  • Horse-riding
  • Whitewater rafting 
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