Ecuador Galapagos Highlands Turtles
Peru Machu Picchu Ruins
Ecuador - Amazon - Aerial View Of The Amazon
Ecuador Andes Landscape
Uyuni Salt Flat
Chile Atacama Desert Landscape
Argentina Patagonia Ushuaia
Easter Island Rapa Nui
Iguazu Falls Landscape
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Galapagos Islands - Ecuador
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Why Travel With Surtrek?
Alfonso Tandazo

Custom-Designed Tours: Surtrek’s commitment is to design a travel plan that reflects your idea of a perfect journey after listening to and understanding your unique style and interests – all within the budget that works for you.

Seamlessly Organized Travel: Surtrek trips are designed to let you focus on the very best of South America, while we take care of all the “little details” — from domestic flights, transfers, accommodations, and guides, to authentic site excursions and the most savory of meals — which can make or break a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

South American-based Insider Knowledge: Based here in South America since 1993, Surtrek’s sole focus has been on South American travel. This means we have an “insider’s” familiarity with each country’s most compelling destinations, as well as with their transportation, hotels, upmarket dining infrastructure and the very best local guides.

Commitment to Authentic-Yet-Luxury Travel: Surtrek organizes trips where travelers can experience what is unique, traditional and “authentic” about each destination. Connections with local residents, chance wildlife encounters, and intriguing off-the-beaten-track detours represent the key to our travel philosophy, though we make sure that your stay is always first class.

Environmentally & Community Responsible Travel: Surtrek’s core value is a commitment to making positive contributions to our destinations, thus offsetting any adverse consequences of travel. For this, we promote local economic sustainability by contracting with local businesses and employing local workers in each of the communities we visit.


“I had a great trip with the liveabord at Agressor II, everything was just perfect, the boat, the trip, the team and the dives. I would like to thank for all the support from Surtrek team.”Alex

“The Galapagos experience was absolutely amazing. Not just the abundant sea life and incredible spots, but also your professionalism and passion for your work turned my trip into an unforgettable holiday.”Jan Bartos

“My husband, daughter and I want to thank you again for making our trip to the Galapagos extremely awesome!”Herlena and Richard Orellana

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