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Amazon River Cruises

Today’s new and modern river cruise ships are “floating boutique hotels” offer luxury accommodations, gourmet cuisine, mesmerizing itineraries, well-appointed leisure areas, and thoroughly knowledgeable guides. On daily off-ship excursions, you’ll be surrounded by Pink river dolphins, scarlet macaws, three-toed sloths, families of raucous Howler monkeys and many other types of exotic wildlife. The Amazon is an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike, and traveling deeper into the less disturbed areas, you'll visit indigenous villages in areas where few outsiders venture. 

Feel free to contact us at Surtrek – we’ve ventured into the Amazon many times before, understand the region, and possess the expertise to properly custom design your trip into the rainforest.

What you’ll experience on an Amazonian riverboat cruise

Amazon river cruises travel to the most remote and pristine areas of Ecuador and Peru’s rainforest, where few people have the opportunity to travel. 

In addition to taking in the unique landscapes as you cruise through the rainforest, other activities on this unparalleled adventure include on daily land excursions to explore the Amazon by canoe or on foot. Observe unique species of plant and animal life. Make contact with remote communities to learn what life is like for indigenous peoples of the region. Climb observation towers to enjoy a jaw-dropping perspectives from above the forest, and explore black water rivers escorted by otters and turtles. And hike along rainforest trails to learn about the wonderful flora that makes up the eternal green of the Amazon.

Though you will be traveling through this region teeming with exotic creatures, you won’t have to sacrifice any of your creature comforts.  Travelers on an Amazon cruises  enjoy fine dining in a wide variety of national dishes and international “fusion cuisine.” Similarly, the accommodations are top notch, with spacious suites featuring sitting areas, large comfortable beds, and wall-to-wall panoramic windows. Social areas typically include Jacuzzis, sun decks, bars and observation deck – ideal places for relaxing and enjoying spectacular Amazon rainforest views or for attending briefings from the expert multilingual naturalist guides.


Why go on an Amazon River Cruise with Surtrek?

With over 25 years of introducing adventurous travelers to authentic, tailor-made luxury travel experiences across South America, Surtrek is adept at offering some of the best and most complete tour services in the Amazonian rainforest.

With our experienced travel team of 25 members strong — including native speakers of five different languages — we will work one-on-one with you to custom-design a tour of the Amazon that perfectly suits your particular interests and needs.


Best Time to experience the Amazon on a river cruise

Since rainfall is so common in the Amazon, it might be best to describe its seasons as the “low water” and “high water” seasons. 

The best time of the year to visit the Amazon basin is generally considered during the low-water season (extending roughly June to November) – especially for rainforest hiking.

During this period, there are fewer daily showers, though the rivers are lower and some small rivers and creeks are unnavigable; however, hiking trails allow explorers to gain access to deeper parts of the jungle on foot. There are also fewer mosquitoes during this low-water period, and wildlife can be more easily spotted congregated around the water.

During the high-water season (December to May), the opposite conditions are true: Rivers can rise up to 23 feet (7m), which makes these waterways accessible and more navigable, though some of the jungle trails are flooded.


Getting to the Amazon

The Amazon region is vast, covering nearly half of all South America and spans into eight countries. Amazon River cruises depart out of both Ecuador and Peru:

  • Ecuador: Access to the Ecuadorian Amazon is easy. After landing in the capital city of Quito, Surtrek guides will meet you and assist you with making a short 45-minute flight to the Amazon. Landing at a local airport, you will be transferred to an Amazonian riverboat via a 4x4 vehicle or a motorized canoe to begin an unforgettable adventure.
  • Peru: Home to the second largest area of the Amazon, the Peruvian Amazon is also the most wildlife-rich. When you touch down in Lima, Surtrek partners will be there to welcome and accompany you throughout your riverboat adventure. You will fly to the northern the city of Iquitos, where you will be welcomed and accompanied to your Peruvian Amazon riverboat.

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“The trip was excellent from beginning to end. The Isabella II was a fine ship and the crew and guides were all of the highest quality. I would recommend them to others. For us, the ship was the perfect size – not too small and not too large.”Walter Squire