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Anakonda Amazon Cruise 7-Night Itinerary A

This 8-day/7-night Amazon river cruise on board Anakonda Amazon riverboat will take you into the endless heart of biodiversity, which extends its fabulous prism of life throughout the Amazon Basin. During this weeklong voyage (Sunday - Sunday), you will discover the Yasuni (the largest of Ecuador’s continental National Parks), a wild and untamed realm in the heart of the Ecuadorian Rainforest. On this Amazon adventure, we will climb observation towers to enjoy unique perspectives of the forest and explore black water rivers escorted by otters and turtles. We will hike trails learning about the wonderful flora that makes up the eternal green of Ecuadorian Amazonia.


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Ecuador Amazon, Napo River, Pañacocha, Sani Warmi, Jungle Night Walk, Yasuni National Reserve, Community Interaction, Observation Tower, Limoncocha Biological Reserve

Itinerary at a Glance

Day 1: Quito – Coca – Napo River
Day 2: Pañacocha Biological Corridor
Day 3: Parrot Clay Licks – Sani Warmi – Jungle Night Walk
Day 4: Indillama/Napo River Exploration
Day 5: The Heart of Yasuni National Reserve
Day 6: Community Interaction – Onboard Activities – Island Exploration
Day 7: Observation Tower – Limoncocha Biological Reserve
Day 8: Leaving the Amazon – Heading Home
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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 - Sunday
Quito – Coca – Napo River

Following a quick 30-minute flight from Quito, we will land in the Amazonian town of Francisco de Orellana (more commonly called “Coca”). Once there, we will drive to the river’s dock to board a motorized canoe that will take us downriver for about an hour, all the time admiring the rainforest landscape and banks of the majestic Napo River. We will then board the Anakonda Amazon Cruise motor vessel (M/V).

Once everyone is on board the Anakonda, we continue sailing downriver. This is when passengers will be able to appreciate the host of features offered by this Amazonian riverboat. In addition to its roomy social areas and comfortable cabins, the ship possesses an observation deck for amazing views of the Amazon rainforest.

This evening, we will go on a nocturnal jungle walk, which will give you your first chance to experience the sounds and sights of the completely different world of the Amazon by night. Sparkling fireflies and phosphorescent eyes will undoubtedly astonish you in this magical birthplace of life. Led by your guide, searching for caiman and other nocturnal animals can be an unforgettable experience.

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Lunch - Dinner
Day 2 - Monday
Pañacocha Biological Corridor

Today we will continue sailing downriver until reaching the Pañayacu Biological Corridor, a sprawling 140,000-acre (56,000-hectare) primary forest that includes flooded and terra firma forest. Once there, we will travel by canoe up another river to take in the sights of this amazing nature reserve.

We will all keep our eyes out for the legendary Pink river dolphins, common Squirrel monkeys and a host of other animals. However, since Pañacocha (meaning “Piranha Lake” in Kichwa) is an ecosystem flooded by white waters, the lakes and rivers here are also perfect for the aquatic life such as the notorious Piranha fish, as well as the White caiman and the Water monkey fish (“Arawana”).

In the afternoon, the more daring members of the group can go for a cool, energizing swim in those same waters. Later, everyone will assemble at a nearby camping site to savor a rich Amazonian-style BBQ and ice-cold drinks. Reinvigorated by our break, we will then strike out along trails deep into the rainforest, returning to the ship that evening for a well-deserved dinner.

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Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Day 3 - Tuesday
Parrot Clay Licks – Sani Warmi – Jungle Night Walk

Following breakfast on board the Anakonda, we will head out to witness an astonishing natural phenomenon of the western Amazon basin. Groups of colorful parrots descend from the air to ingest the clay on some riverbanks almost every day. These sites, called “clay licks,” are unforgettable. Hiding behind a bird blind, you will have a chance — weather permitting — to view up to hundreds parrots and parakeets attracted to the toxin-reducing sodium-rich clay. 

Our next activity will take us to the Sani Warmi Kichwa Interpretation Center, which showcases the arts, crafts, customs, traditions and everyday life of the local indigenous Kichwa community. After lunch, we will also stop at the Yakukawsay Kichwa Interpretation Center, where you will have a chance to buy handcrafted souvenirs and other locally produced goods.

Following dinner on board the Anakonda, we should be able to go on a fascinating evening walk in Yasuni National Reserve, depending on the weather. Nighttime is the prime time for feeding in the jungle; so as soon as the sun begins to set, many creatures come out that can’t be seen during the day. At some point on the walk, we will ask you to turn off your flashlight and stay quiet to let your senses adapt to the darkness, listening to the symphony of rainforest sounds. This is when you’ll truly be able to appreciate the vastness of the Amazon jungle and its countless secrets.

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Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Day 4 - Wednesday
Indillama/Napo River Exploration

Today you will have a choice between a kayaking or canoeing adventure. The kayaking excursion will take you into the Yasuni National Reserve via the Indillama River, a tributary of the Napo. After a safety briefing, we will head out on this magical river journey. On the alternative canoe trip, you will paddle up and down the mighty Napo River.

With either option, you can expect to spot monkeys, colorful tropical birds, river turtles and possibly sloths and other exotic creatures. Your naturalist guide will, of course, accompany you to point out highlights and make fascinating insights into this unique eco-system.

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Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Day 5 - Thursday
The Heart of Yasuni National Reserve

After breakfast, we will disembark for our first daytime rainforest experience. Venturing along untamed trails, we will go on a three-hour hike that winds past towering trees, across streams and takes us beneath the primary canopy – while all the time observing the particularly abundant bird life in this region. You are sure to spot many of the 600 species of birds here, which include raptors, terns, macaws, parrots, and toucans, though particular sightings depend on the weather and river level.

Following lunch back on board the ship, the M/V Anakonda will cruise downriver to one of the Ecuadorian Amazon’s most untouched and seldom explored regions. Since the best way to visit this flooded ecosystem is by canoe, we will begin paddling along blackwater lagoons and rivers to discover the pristine beauty of this lush rainforest world.

Here, you will certainly find the eerier eyes of Black caiman poking up out of the water as we also search for anaconda and the legendary Pink river dolphin. It’s likely that we will also come across various species of monkeys, all kinds of frogs and river turtles, as well as the primitive Hoatzin, a bird known locally as the “Stinky Turkey.”

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Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Day 6 - Friday
Community Interaction – Onboard Activities – Island Exploration

After another delicious breakfast on board the Anakonda, you will have a chance to interact with local children when we visit a school. Meeting with the kids, teachers, and parents, you will have an opportunity to learn about the educational systems and the way of life of remote Ecuador communities situated along the banks of the Napo River.

Later, after making our way back to the M/V Anakonda for lunch, we will all appreciate a midday break as we cruise further downriver. On the ship, you will have a chance to participate in a presentation about the Amazon and view a documentary concerning the region. If there’s enough time, you can also learn about the typical handicrafts of the area, as well as try your hand at making some yourself.

We will spend the afternoon exploring the exotic plant and animal life on Napo Island, one of the largest islands on the river.

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Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Day 7 - Saturday
Observation Tower – Limoncocha Biological Reserve

As soon as we finish breakfast, we will climb a 100-foot high observation tower supported in part by a giant kapok tree. Reaching such a height will afford you a 360º range of vision over the forest canopy. From here, you can easily admire colorful bird species that are almost impossible to see from below, while orchids, bromeliads and wild lichen cover the tree branches all around. 

This afternoon we will visit the 13,000-acre (53 km²) Limoncocha Biological Reserve, a fascinating protected area that consists mainly of wetlands.

Since this excursion will stretch past sunset, we will also pull out our flashlights to do some Black caiman spotting before heading back to the M/V Anakonda for dinner.

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Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Day 8 - Sunday
Leaving the Amazon – Heading Home

In the morning, we will disembark the M/V Anakonda and board a motorized canoe for a one-hour boat ride back to Coca. From there you will catch your return flight to Ecuador’s capital city of Quito.

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Price per person
Deluxe SuiteStandard Suite
SingleDoubleTripleCHD / 12 yearsSingleDoubleTripleCHD / 12 years
8US$ 9,100 PPUS$ 6,096 PPUS$ 5,183 PPUS$ 3,048 PPUS$ 7,281 PPUS$ 4,878 PPUS$ 4,146 PPUS$ 2,440 PP
*Price per person based upon double occupancy.
*PP (per person)
Included in the price:
  • On board accommodations
  • All meals while on board
  • Unlimited supply of water, coffee and tea
  • Transfers to/from the vessel when arriving on recommended flights
  • Excursions with a certified naturalist guide, as indicated in the itinerary 
Not included in the price:
  • Airfare: Quito – Coca – Quito ($230 USD net per person – subject to change)
  • Transfer’s to and from Quito’s airport
  • Entry to local communities and nature reserves
  • Alcoholic beverages and bottled drinks
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Internet Wi-Fi service
  • Personal expenses
  • Any other service not indicated in the itinerary
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