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Here in the pint-sized nation of Ecuador, you can find the most startling contrasts of scenery. Possessing everything an adventurous visitor could wish for, the country is packed with astonishing biodiversity, stunning colonial architecture, Kichwa villages, Amazonian rainforest, and bustling indigenous markets in the breathtaking heights of the Andes. In fact, this diverse and exotic destination is generally regarded as a “microcosm” of Latin America ... an encapsulation of the South American continent. Ecuador is a country that’s so diverse — yet compact — you can experience here in days what it would take weeks to approach elsewhere. Surtrek offers tailor-made trips in Ecuador where you’ll seamlessly move from experience to experience in a manner that optimizes your valuable and limited time. Here, you can: Wander cobblestone streets in remote pre-Columbian Andean villages Paddle your dug-out canoe through a flooded Amazonian forest, or sit back dozing in a hammock as your riverboat chugs downstream Drive along the 400-mile “Route of the Sun,” a coastline packed with vibrant beach-front party towns and the surf breaking just off shore From downtown Quito to smack-dab in the middle of nowhere, this vast and multifaceted country translates into paradise for the adventure-seeking traveler. Present are all the usual suspects — kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing and ziplining. Nevertheless, your adventure can also be more sedate spotting scarlet macaws or tracking big cats through the Amazon, watching the sun go down on the dusty remnants of an ancient civilization, or joining in a traditional pilgrimage to an Andean summit once believed to be a god. All of this and so much more awaits you in Ecuador..!

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“We had an absolutely amazing trip! Surtrek coordinated a Galapagos Cruise on the Natural Paradise yacht and then a stay at the Napo Wildlife Center. Everything was beyond our expectations!! I highly recommend Surtrek.”Janda Terese Stevens

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