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Exceptional Galapagos Cruises & Tours by the Local Experts

Below we have hand selected only the best Galapagos cruise boats, land-based tours, and liveaboard diving cruises in the Galapagos. We have helped thousands of happy clients to the Galapagos for over 25 years, and our expert Galapagos trip planners are online to help you find the perfect trip to Galapagos for your precise interests, budget and schedule.


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Galapagos Travel Tips & Cruising Guide


Best times to travel to the Galapagos Islands

The hot, sunny season from January through May is generally considered to be the best time to visit the Galapagos due to warmer air and water temperatures, though this season is also characterized by frequent afternoon rains. From June to December, cold ocean currents from the south bring cooler weather (which some travelers will prefer) and the “Garua”, an almost perpetual light fog. There are rougher seas, though almost no rain. Read more about the best times to travel to Galapagos.


How to Choose a Galapagos Cruise

The major variables in choosing the perfect Galapagos cruise for your needs tend to be: 

  • Duration. Cruises last from 4 to 15 days. Experts agree that 4 days isn’t enough to get a good sample of the Galapagos as days 1 and 4 are spent in transit to and from the islands. 5 days is a good choice for those pressed for time or money. 8 days is the most highly recommended as most itineraries will visit the easternmost and westernmost islands.
  • Cost. Shorter cruises are proportionally less expensive than longer ones. Budget class boats may be bordering on uncomfortable while luxury class vessels can cost over $1000 per day.
  • Boat size and type. Galapagos boats range in size from as few as 10 passengers up to the maximum allowed on the islands - 100 passengers. Since the seas can be rough.


Land-Based Tours vs. Cruises

Cruising the Galapagos is considered the ultimate way to see the most wildlife and Galapageño scenery in a limited amount of time, whereas land-based trips where you stay in a hotel at night tend to be less expensive and preferable to those prone to seasickness. Choose from one of our hand-picked Galapagos hotels.


How Do I Get to the Galapagos Islands

Flying from the Ecuadorian mainland cities of Quito (UIO) and Guayaquil (GYE) are the only ways to arrive to the Galapagos. One my fly into either Isla Baltra (GPS), which is used to access the central island of Santa Cruz, or into the Puerto Baquerizo Moreno airport (SCY) on San Cristobal Island in the far east of the Galapagos.


Why Go To Galapagos With Surtrek?

We have over 25 years of experience helping travelers find the best cruise for their particular needs. We personally inspect the quality of each and every boat, hotel and guide we recommend on our site in addition to confirming it’s standards meet our Green Philosophy. We sleep in the beds, rate the coffee and cuisine, get to know the guides, and yes, even do the dirty job of testing the cocktails onboard before we give a boat the thumbs up. Contact one of our expert Galapagos trip planners for help planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Galapagos.

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“The Galapagos experience was absolutely amazing. Not just the abundant sea life and incredible spots, but also your professionalism and passion for your work turned my trip into an unforgettable holiday.”Jan Bartos