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More South American Destinations

Sailing through the Galapagos Islands, reaching the entrance of Machu Picchu, wine-tasting at an Argentine winery, or participating in shaman ceremony deep in the Amazonian rainforest, all of this and more can be experienced in the vast South American continent.


Whether you choose to travel through Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, Peru, Machu Picchu, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, or Antarctica, each destination offers the chance for truly amazing natural and cultural discoveries.


Contact one of Surtrek’s expert and personable South America travel specialists for more information on beginning to design your dream trip of a lifetime.

What you’ll experience on a South American Vacation

Perhaps the best word to capture the atmosphere of South America is “diversity.” Ranging from the mega-diversity of the continent’s Amazon basin to the frigid yet remarkably beautiful Patagonia region, South America has it all. On trips here, you can encounter some of the earth’s most exotic wildlife, the most welcoming people, and some of the most enigmatic ancient ruins. Not only can you explore the citadel of Machu Picchu or walk among the hundreds of moai statues on Easter Island, you can also view Giant Galapagos tortoises roaming free in the wild, swim with Pink river dolphins or hear the eerie roar of a troop of Howler monkeys deep in the Amazon rainforest. In addition to meeting with indigenous family members all along the Andes, you can hike through Chile’s famed Torres del Paine Park for spectacular views of glaciers and steep rocky shorelines or even set sail for the “white continent,” Antarctica, on a cruise departing from Ushuaia, Argentina. Your options are virtually unlimited


South American Highlights

  • The Amazon – The Amazon Rainforest as a whole can conjure up both fear and fascination for even the most intrepid of explorers. Covering large swaths of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and of course Brazil, this dense jungle is known as much for its many activities as for the extraordinary biodiversity prevalent throughout the entire ecosystem, being home to more species of birds, plant life, & other endemic wildlife than any other part of the world. To visit the largest tropical jungle on earth is to visit an area of unparalleled biodiversity, nearly the size of an entire continent. The Amazon is one of the last untamed miracles of nature and evolution on Earth, offering travelers the opportunity to immerse themselves into the forest, and be surrounded by the life it gives to the countless inhabitants of the plant and animal world who belong here. 
  • The Galapagos Islands - A cluster of volcanic outcrops strewn off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are home to some of the most extraordinary flora and fauna in the world. This is owed to their general isolation up until the mid-20th century, allowing an astonishing array of creatures and plant life to evolve according to the unique geography of these far-flung islands. A luxury holiday in the Galapagos means snorkeling with sea turtles in crystalline seas, hiking over lava-sculpted landscapes, getting up close to Marine Iguanas, and diving with Hammerhead Sharks. You can wake up in a different location each day on a luxury cruise, or stay on terra firma at one of the many sumptuous lodges found across the region, hopping from island to island and making the most of fantastic day trips. In whatever way you decide to discover the Galapagos, prepare to enter an utterly unique world, beloved by explorers, scientists and Charles Darwin himself.
  • Patagonia – If looking to experience one of the great travel experiences during your trip to South America, the Patagonia region should be somewhere near the top of your list. This untamed expanse of azure lagoons, picturesque mountains, authentic estancias, lookout points and so much more, covers over a million square kilometers of stunning landscapes; a true privilege to witness as a region that never fails to leave its mark on visiting travelers. While here, get up close and personal to glaciers, beautiful lakes, UNESCO-protected natural heritage sites, and wildlife such as guanacos, flamingos, Andean condors, Andean deer and even pumas.  Going on hikes, mountain bike rides, lake crossings and horse riding trails makes Patagonia even more enjoyable.
  • Machu Picchu – Consisting of more than 150 separate buildings connected by a myriad of over 3,000 ancient stone steps, staggered agricultural terraces and numerous ceremonial sites, the 15th century Inca citadel of Machu Picchu has captured the imagination for generations, having laid untouched and unseen by the wider world for over 400 years. Though many theories exist on the function of the complex, from a prison to women’s refuge, crop-testing site to hideaway for the nobles during Spanish colonization, one thing not in doubt is the majesty of its location, the fascination of its legend and the memories any visit will no doubt create. If seeking the famous aerial view of Machu Picchu from the so-called “Sun Gate,” the best option is the classic Inca Trail, which begins its final day with a hike to this iconic viewpoint as the sun rises and the mist clears away from the manicured lawns. Once there, it’s a bus ride up to the entrance and then a morning or afternoon exploring one of the great, human-made Wonders of the World – an experience you’ll never forget.


Why tour South America with Surtrek?

With over 25 years of introducing adventurous travelers to authentic, environmentally friendly, tailor-made luxury travel experiences across South America, Surtrek is adept at offering some of the best and most complete tour services through and across the continent.

With our experienced travel team of 25 members strong — including native speakers of five different languages — we will work one-on-one with you to custom-design a South American tour that perfectly suits your particular interests and needs.


Best time to tour South America

When traveling to and through South America’s southern Patagonia regions (in southern Argentina &/or Chile), keep in mind that the Southern Hemisphere’s summer takes place during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter. This means that the best time to visit Patagonia is from November to early March – though you'll meet up with crowds of fellow tourist during this peak season.

As for the northern “Tropical” Andes of Ecuador, Peru Bolivia, Colombia and Brazil, the temperatures here remain relatively constant throughout the year, making these destinations that can be easily visited year-round. However, you will have to consider the somewhat rainier “wet season” that extends from December to April. Also, note that Machu Picchu is closed in February for maintenance.

Again, though these countries in the northern part of South American can be visited easily and comfortably any time of the year, the very best months to visit these regions is from May to November.


Getting to South America

Wherever you choose to visit in South America, you will be met and welcomed by a Surtrek representative at the respective international airport the moment you touch down, and continuously accompanied by a Surtrek guide throughout your adventure. Arriving at one of these international airports, this will most likely be in the capital city of the respective country that you first plan to visit.

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“Everything was wonderful but the highlight by far was the 5 days trekking in the Angamarca region with Marcial. The scenery and culture was astonishing, and Marcial was the perfect guide.”Linda Bernstein